So the Toccoa girls and I have been thinking for a while about how to react. God has been placing this burden in our hearts since long before each one of us came to Toccoa. One girl has been praying with her church specifically for the homeless for six months. One night she was crying into her pillow and realized that homeless people don't have pillows to cry into. They don't have anything soft to lay their head on. She wants to change it. Simple. Another girl has tremendous compassion for the girls at the local crisis pregnancy center. She wants to get involved in their life and support them in every way she can. Other girls say they are sick of having everything handed to them. They want to give because it just feels right that way. A few other girls just say that they don't see why they wouldn't give to other people. Beautiful. We've grown up reading the Bible and some of us even teaching it. We've heard sermons about Jesus' life and have had to study it for tests. His life seems so foreign to us but it's intriguing. Jesus made friends with the poor and outcasts. He ate with them and lived to meet their needs. We've come to the conclusion that we think Jesus really meant it when He said feed the poor. So that's what we are going to do. A few of us like to create so we decided that we would design a t-shirt to sell for a few organizations around Toccoa. We are working with Jordan Andree (JordanAndree.com Check it out!), and we will be sure to send a picture as soon as we come up with something. We wanted to make a shirt that would help as many causes that needed funds. As of right now we are helping the local crisis pregnancy center, pond street ministries, a ministry that provides necessities to government housed people, and Shirly's Soul Food, an organization that helps homeless people get back on their feet. (That's where we will donate the pillows!)  We are so excited to actually put our faith in action. Like a few of the girls said- it just feels right. Please pray with us that we can react the way Jesus did. 

-miranda cooper
toccoa falls college

hey guys,
since the react conference, me and a few of my friends have spent a good bit of time working on getting a student chapter of the Fuller Center for Housing up and running here on campus. the FCH is an organization that provides volunteers and funding to repair the housing conditions of the poor and disabled (basically those who are unable to make the repairs themselves). after some planning we had our first project! it was beautiful, guys. me and 17 others went to one of the oldest and decrepit neighborhoods in atlanta and did rehabilitation work on an old apartment complex. the plan for the complex is to put greenhouse gardens on the roofs of each apartment for the residents to work and provide food for the organic restaurant that will be on site. there is still a ton of work to be done, but we have a ton of people who are dying to get back and do some more work. i hope and pray that it will not be long before we are back helping FCH get this project of the ground. we are also in the process of adopting a project we can call our own. please keep us in your prayers as we search for the right project.

grace and peace to you all,
james bridwell
(atlanta christian college)
"we can do no great things, only small things with great love"
-mother teresa


Over the past 5 weeks, we have cllected loose change to buy school supplies for Foster Care Children in Savannah. This past Saturday we went to Wal-Mart and bought over $450 worth of school supplies. Those supplies combined with your donations of paper, pens and pencils were taken to an organization that will pass them out to the students. Thank you so much for your help!






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