Must Attend Conference

For React Developers.

30 March 2023

React San Francisco broadcasted online on Thursday 30 March completely for free Anchoring a multitude of Speakers attending in-person during JSWORLD USA on Friday 31 March. we bring you the Must Attend Conference for React Developers around the globe. Signup for the Free Live Stream of React San Francisco Conference with the opportunity to join a part of your hero's in-person at JSworld Conference USA on 31 March 2022.

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Amanda McDermott

Amanda McDermott


She/ Her - Software developer with a focus on front-end development, UX, and accessibility.

I spend most of my time building apps with Vue.js, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
When I'm not doing that, you can catch me playing music (especially 90's covers!) or mentoring.

I have worked extensively with JIRA, Clubhouse, Agile methodology (Scrum), Git, and various frameworks.

I prefer small- to middle-sized remote-first companies, but am generally open to different ideas.

Ashley Narcisse

Ashley Narcisse


He / Him - Software Engineer at Apollo GraphQL working on awesome tooling that empower developers to make data more accesssible. I geek out on observability, functional programming, serverlesss, and championing for Haitians in technology.

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Austin Akers

Austin Akers

Exceptional Web Performance

Austin Akers is a US-based Software Engineer at Microsoft who is also a cellist and skilled muay thai fighter with a passion for breakdancing! He has a rich portfolio of working with frontend tools such as JavaScript, CSS3, Angular, React.JS, NgRX and Vue.JS. He has also contributed to the development of Vuetify, Metamask Docs & Test Dapp, as well as automating the financial tracking of the Ethereum Wallet for Cryptoplex Management.

Austin is dedicated to constantly learning and improving himself as a developer and he also likes to share his expertise of Vue.js, Babylon.js, Polymer.js & more with others through speaking at conferences. We are honored to welcome him to the Frontend Developer Week 2021!

Camila Ramos

Camila Ramos

Web2 to Web3

Camila is an engineer and educator who believes that technology education should be accessible to all. She is the founder of STEMTank, an education nonprofit that provides free technical education for low income students in the Bay Area. When she's not working, Camila creates educational content on YouTube/Tik Tok on topics ranging from programming basics to the latest technologies. You can find her on all platforms @camiinthisthang.

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Daniel Afonso

Daniel Afonso

React Remixed

He/ Him - Daniel is a Developer Advocate at OLX Group. His current interest is in React and JavaScript, and he advocates for better testing principles using the testing library. He has a full-stack background, having worked with different languages and frameworks on various projects from IoT to Fraud Detection. In his free time, when he's not learning new technologies or writing about them, he's probably reading comics or watching superhero movies and shows.

Mustapha Rufai

Mustapha Rufai

Build With Open API Specification

He/ Him - Mustapha leads developer relations and engagement at Paga. com. He is passionate about developer education and creating developer programs.

He’s a CS50 educator who creates technical content for Linkedin Learning, Utiva and Black Codher.

Marta Wiśniewska

Marta Wiśniewska

Core Web Vitals under control

Marta is a Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies from Poland. She is an international speaker, blogger, enthusiast of Angular, Progressive Web Apps and Web Performance who loves exploring new web features and following hottest trends in tech. Marta is passionate about sharing knowledge in the community and spreading her love for tech.

15 topics discussing the most important of 2023's React. With topics on React (18), Next.js, Jamstack, SSG and SSR, Model Checking, Hooks, Testing, TypeScript, Svelte, GraphQL, State Management, Performance, Next.js, Style Components and more.


React San Francisco will take place on 31 March 2023 anchoring JSWORLD USA in-person at Terra SF in San Francisco and Online.

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